My cat named Jinx :-)

Quick Facts

Fav. color: Blue

Fav. food: Cheese

Fav. game: Fallout NV

Fav. movie(s): Austin Powers, Short Circuit

Fav. band: The Beatles

Star sign: Aries

Nationality: Iowa, USA

Instrument: Trumpet

► Callie ◄

Hello! My name is Callie. I'm a seventeen year old girl born out of an atomic experiment and put on this planet to collect knowledge. I'm passionate about science, birds, coding, music, video games, and more :-) as far as other interests go, I'm really into Touhou Project, The Beatles, Fallout, Mob Psycho 100, and a lot of other stuff that you'll probably find scattered around the site.

As opposed to many people on this site, I'm not necessarily on Neocities to escape social media; I still use it pretty actively, but there's just something uniquely charming about having a fully-customizable space compared to the limited options on most social media sites. Similarly, I've also found a lot of passion in learning how to code, which comprises a lot of the pleasure I achieve from web-weaving.

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