about me...

my name is sleuth, but i also go by callie, mercury, and lyra. my pronouns are he/she; i am bisexual, arospec, and bigender. i am fifteen years old and a sophomore in high school!

i have been passionately interested in the homestuck intermission/problem sleuth (& derivative works...) for about 2 years now, but i also enjoy splatoon, madoka magica, touhou project, birds, coding, card games, old hollywood, and more.

fun facts:
my favorite color is green, my favorite foods are pasta + cheese, and my drinks of choice are coffee, mountain dew (sorry), and coke. i am currently studying ASL, and i play the trumpet!

i started to pick up little scraps of html/css a few years back while trying to make carrds, but it was mostly just rudimentary ways to make my text look cool. i'm hoping that having a website will help expand my understanding a little further than that.