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vacation day 1 - 6/7/2024

first day of vacation!! hooray!! our flight was at 7 am which SUCKED but we eventually made it to north carolina (which was only mildly grueling). i'm really hyped up to try some new foods while i'm on vacation because where i live is like a barren wasteland when it comes to diverse food options. i tried something mediterranean-ish for lunch (it wasn't authentic by any means, but it had the whole nine yards - kalamata olives, feta, etc). after that we went out and explored the town a bit. in town i tried a "golden milk latte" (otherwise known as a turmeric latte, apparently) at the coffee shop. i didn't know it was a big health craze; i just saw cinnamon and ginger and knew i had to try it. the texture is weird since there's a LOT of powdery spices in it, but i'd order it again if i had the opportunity.

the landscape here is really cool - the midwest is pretty flat, so coming here and seeing the blue ridge mountains on the horizon is pretty neat. i also enjoy the folklore surrounding the appalachian mountains; i think appalachian culture is really interesting too! anyways, for dinner we had authentic middle eastern food. my mom and i split chicken, lamb, and kofta kebabs. my aunt and uncle are vegan so i got to try a good variety of dishes. one of my favorites was falafel - i REALLY wish i had ordered it for myself. i was a bit tentative at first, but it was delicious!!! i know i really only talked about food on my post for today, but i can't explain how cool it is to go from eating plain old things every day to trying completely new stuff, especially when that new stuff is SUPER good.

coffee and packing - 6/5/2024

i went to town today with my pal (estranged lover? idk) and we got coffee and went to the store which was super fun :) i wanted to hang out one more time before i leave for vacation tomorrow, since i'll be gone for a week (and will probably miss him a lot, oops). i'm very excited! i think i'll make a bird blog sometime when i get back so i can record my awesome vacation findings.

i'm alive!! - 6/4/2024

wow, it's been a long time since i've updated this thing! i can't believe i just spent a bunch of time coding my website back in 2022 then promptly forgetting about it as soon as i finished. i hope i don't do the same after updating it this time around; i'm about to go on vacation, so i probably won't be updating a ton until i get back, but i'm gonna try to keep up with it.


ughhhhh... this week is just dragging along. for the majority of the days i've been tackling my completely stupid executive dysfunction, and LORD is it tiring. i wish it was easy to convey to people that i'm not late for things because i'm lazy. i feel like if i tried to explain the fact that i physically can't convince myself to get up and do things sometimes makes me sound utterly insane, but it is what it is. on the contrary: today in particular was pretty good! i've been playing a lot of poker recently with my pals in band. (un?)surprisingly, the fact that i might get to play poker later is a huge motivation for me to get up in the mornings... man, i'm so lame.


hey! it's my first post! i'm not even really sure exactly what i'm gonna put here, but i'm sure there'll be some pedantic rants eventually. i originally planned on doing a prospit theme but got a little sidetracked somewhere along the line... aaaand yeah. oh well, i love jane too much to complain. the upkeep with this blog might be quite a bit of work, and i negotiated using a seperate client to give myself a little less of a workload, but i think it's a good opportunity for me to get more comfortable with html if i just do it myself.

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